JinE dedicates a handwritten letter for fans after leaving Oh My Girl

2017年11月02日     2,083     檢舉

Following the announcement of JinE's departure from her agency and Oh My Girl, WM Entertainment revealed a handwritten letter from the idol star dedicated to fans.

On October 31, a long letter was posted on Oh My Girl's official fan page as JinE expressed her apologetic heart. "Thanks to Miracle (fan club) I was able to live out my dreams while receiving love in abundance. I am both grateful and sorry."

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She also gave a shoutout to the members, saying, "I remember all 8 members of Oh My Girl cheering one another and establishing great teamwork."

Prior to this, JinE had temporarily halted her promotions with the idol group after being diagnosed with anorexia last August. She had been on hiatus ever since trying to recover as she greeted fans through a handwritten letter back in April.

However, it was difficult for JinE to reunite with her members. "While on break, I took the time to reflect on myself. I would like to return to my daily lifestyle and take on something that is more fitting for my age."

Lastly, she added, "I hope that many would remember me as a bright and healthy individual. I hope to cherish all of your supportive messages while I embark on my future endeavors; strengthing me along the way."

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl will be continuing to perform as a 7-member group.