iKON go on their 'school field trip' with female students in new 'School Law Violating Trip' teaser

2017年11月02日     1,705     檢舉

YG EntertainmentxJTBC's newest travel variety show, 'Global Friendship Project - School Law Violating Field Trip' (formerly 'Idol Field Trip'), has released a new teaser to get fans of iKON super excited!

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The show will give the iKON boys a chance to go on their first ever "school field trip", an experience they missed out on since they were so busy training for their dreams during their school days. Alongside MCs Jung Hyung Don, Jo Se Ho, and Kim Shin Young, who will also play the roles of the field trip's teachers, the boys will be joined by 7 Japanese exchange students representing 'Tokyo High'.

Of course, the boys and girls will be forbidden from any romance during the trip, with their "teachers" watching and making sure that good, healthy friendships develop between the two high school representative teams.

The show premieres November 4 at 12:20 PM KST on JTBC!