TWICE reveals how Sunmi secretly paid for their meal at a restaurant

2017年11月02日     3,227     檢舉

On the November 1 broadcast of MBC Every1's'Weekly Idol', the TWICE members shared how they happened to meet with singer Sunmi at a restaurant.

Chaeyoung commented, "A couple of days ago, Sunmi sunbae treated us to a meal. Jungyeon and I coincidentally bumped into Sunmi at a restaurant."

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Chaeyoung continued, "Sunmi was eating at the time. We finished our meal and were about to head out when we found out that our bill had already been paid for."

The idol star continued, "We later realized that Sunmi sunbaenim had paid for our food. She just disappeared as soon as she made the payment," moved by the singer's generous act.

Meanwhile, TWICE recently returned with their 1st full album 'Twicetagram'.



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