Yoo Ah In responds to negative reaction on his 'RIP' statement to Kim Joo Hyuk's passing

2017年11月02日     2,723     檢舉

Netizens were displeased by Yoo Ah In's Instagram post following the death of actor Kim Joo Hyuk. In response to the criticism, the actor once again turned to social media to write a long message. On November 1, Yoo Ah In began his post with the title 'The Cries of My Generation'.

He stated, "I am well aware that there are many grieving and sorrowful hearts as opposed to noisy hatred. Though we are in difficult times, I would like to thank those who have sent out their love and support. And to all the kind-hearted netizens and fellow civilians out there, I sincerely plead."

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Yoo Ah In continued, "As if mocking at the fact that two different incidents: the death of a sunbae actor whom I worked with, and the wedding of my close friends, overlapped. I ask that you would all please not associate with such prowling hyenas trying to pounce on the blessed yet sad moment by any means."

He added, "I, too, will not be ignoring this incident. In light of this situation, I will do my best to stand up for myself and express myself with caution. Please look forward to my precious works in the future."

Lastly, the actor mentioned, "I hope the late Kim Joo Hyuk, a passionate actor who dreamed of a better world, will hear these shouts of mine. I send out my deepest condolences. Rest In Peace."

Yoo Ah In