Wanna One manager captured on camera shoving people roughly to get them out of Wanna One's path

2017年11月02日     1,714     檢舉

A video of an alleged Wanna One manager shoving people roughly out of the boy group's path has caught the media's attention.

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In the video, a female manager is walking in front of Wanna One members Lee Dae Hwi, Yoon Ji Sung, and more, clearing the boys' path by pushing bodies aside. One security guard walking with the female and the male manager seems to say, "Tell them to move", to which the female manager responds by shoving people in her path even more roughly. It seems as though the female manager even shoves aside a woman holding a baby to her chest.

The footage was taken at Incheon airport during Wanna One's trip to Hong Kong for their fanmeeting. When news outlet 'The Fact' interviewed woman Kim who was present at the airport, she said, "You can see it in the footage, but I even saw the manager shoving a mother with a child. I was backtracking while filming them, but when I stepped forward, the large manager said, 'Tell them to move', and she just shoved me. She didn't even see me falling over, and kept shoving others. She even cursed."

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