10 Reasons to LOVE Super Junior

2017年11月02日     3,227     檢舉

This coming November 6 will mark Super Junior's 12th anniversary since debut! In accordance, Super Junior will be greeting fans with their 8th full album, 'PLAY', and E.L.Fs all over the world are teeming with excitement to see their favorites back. Over the years, a lot has changed about the K-Pop industry, and some may not be very familiar with the idol group who began the large-number-of-members trend or may have forgotten about why those who love SuJu, do. So here are just a few reminders of why Super Junior is a group worth lovin'!

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1. Their appreciation for E.L.F

2. The most(?) number of units and solo promotions of any idol group.

3. Never run out of variety shows to watch... for the rest of your lifetime.

4. If you need a break from varieties, here's a million dramas and movies SuJu members have been in over the years.

5. Don't forget this 90+ minutes of pure cringe: 'Attack on the Pinup Boys'!

(Because the secret to becoming a popular idol group is, clearly, filming a bad, cringy drama or movie to look back on and scream about for eternity.)

6. They're talented in all these random things which have nothing to do with being musicians

Heechul: can recognize the most random songs the first few seconds they're played

Kyuhyun: can recognize movies based on the first few seconds of the soundtrack

Also Kyuhyun: can name specific brands of soju by taste

Siwon: Can catch a pickled radish thrown with chopsticks on his tongue

7. If you ship anything, then you've heard of EunHae

8. Let's not forget these precious gems!

The handsome Mimi, Zhoumi

And the 4-D Mochi, Henry