Jung Joon Young still unaware of Kim Joo Hyuk's passing

2017年11月02日     3,654     檢舉

Jung Joon Young has yet to hear of his '1 Night 2 Days' co-star Kim Joo Hyuk's passing.

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Jung Joon Young is currently filming 'Law of the Jungle' on the Cook Islands, and the producers of the show have been unable to get in contact with the star to inform him of Kim Joo Hyuk's death. On November 1, reps from SBS' 'Law of the Jungle' stated, "The producers in Korea are consistently trying to get into touch with the staff on site. However, the location is so remote that phone calls and messages aren't going through. It's disappointing that we can't get in contact."

The 'Law of the Jungle' cast will be returning to Korea on November 5, but until then, it seems unlikely Jung Joon Young will be notified of the tragic news.

As previously reported, Kim Joo Hyuk passed away shortly after a car accident on October 30. Stay tuned for updates.

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