Na-Eun cast as Minho's love interest in 'The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World'

2017年11月01日     1,966     檢舉

A Pink's Na-Eun has been cast in tvN's upcoming 4-part drama 'The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World'.

The drama is a remake of 1996 production of the same name. The drama tells the heartbreaking story of a woman who sacrificed her lifetime for the welfare of her family, who one day receives a severe cancer diagnosis. Previously, veteran actresses Won Mi Kyung and Kim Young Ok were cast as the mother and the mother-in-law. Choi Ji Woo and Minho will be joining the lineup as Won Mi Kyung's daughter and son, and now Na-Eun has been cast as Minho's love interest.

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The drama will air starting in December.

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