SHINee's Minho names G-Dragon as the fashionista of Korea

2017年11月01日     1,869     檢舉

The October 30 broadcast of JTBC's'Abnormal Summit' welcomed SHINee members Minho and Taemin to the show where they named famous fashionistas they personally looked up to.

When asked, "Who do you think is the fashionista that represents our nation?" Minho replied, "G-Dragon sunbaenim. He is popular not just in Korea but on a global scale. He also gets invited to exclusive events from famous designers."

Taemin also commented, "Of course, G-Dragon sunbaenim is a fabulous dresser with no doubt. But I think J.Y. Park and Uhm Jung Hwa sunbaenims rocked it with their sensational visuals. They were the ones who set the trend by incorporating their unique styles."

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Who do you think is the fashionista of Korea?




J.Y. Park

Uhm Jung Hwa

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