TWICE's Jungyeon says Tzuyu is extremely popular to boys

2017年11月01日     10,211     檢舉

TWICE's Jungyeon talked about Tzuyu's immense popularity.

On the October 31 airing of JTBC's 'Around the World Travel Package', MC Jung Hyung Don asked the girls if they ever received love letters when they were in school. Chaeyoung answered, "I went to an all-girl middle school." Tzuyu replied, "No, I had to come to Korea so.."

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Jungyeon then revealed, "Tzuyu's popularity is crazy. There were many guys asking for her number in the subway. There were also some who followed Tzuyu all the way to her school."

Hearing this, Jung Hyung Don brought laughter as he commented, "I wish I could live that life for even just a day."