Cha Tae Hyun spotted with swollen eyes while attending Song-Song couple's wedding

2017年11月01日     3,033     檢舉

It is both a sad yet delightful day for the entertainment industry with the news of Kim Joo Hyuk's death and Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo's wedding.

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With the blending of these contrasting emotions, numerous celebrity guests were in mourning as they attended Kim Joo Hyuk's mortuary, while others were invited to Song-Song's private wedding on October 31.

Actor Cha Tae Hyun was spotted arriving at the reception hall of Shilla Hotel in Seoul with rather swollen eyes as if crying along the way in response to Kim Joo Hyuk's passing. He was seen entering the premises in a quiet manner and did not respond to the reporters' questions.

Cha Tae Hyun had starred alongside Kim Joo Hyuk on KBS 2TV '1 Night 2 Days', and built a close relationship. He visited the late actor's mortuary after Song-Song couple's wedding on the same day with staff, crew, and members of '1 Night 2 Days'.

Song Joong Ki

Cha Tae Hyun

Song Hye Kyo

Kim Joo Hyuk